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Sunday, November 28, 2010

Our Christmas Shopping List...Where to find the best deals?

 I am really behind this year on our Christmas shopping. I love to shop and this year we are a little strapped for Christmas because we are now sending two children to daycare..the cost is insane! We are in the process of refinancing our house so once that goes through life should be a bit easier. I am hoping to get some good deals tomorrow online for Cyber Monday. Does anyone know of any great deals that are out there? Here is a list of some of the things I will be looking to purchase in the next few weeks. Would love to hear of any deals on these items or reviews if they are not worth the price. Hope you all find what you are shopping for this year :)

1. Xbox Live (T already has Xbox but now he wants to go Live...I know nothing about this or how much it costs)

2. Dollhouse (Looking for a nice Doll house with at least the mommy, daddy and two kids for Lady M. I was considering the Fisher Price brand one but there are several different versions & styles...very indecisive on this one)

3. Barbie Puppy Swim pool Dog Set (Lady M is really hoping Santa brings this) Target did have it on Sale for $19.99

4. Convertible Car Seat for Baby G (I have no idea what to get. I like the Graco brand. I am considering the My Ride or a comfort Sport) I am not sure where I can get the best price on this.

5. Moon Dough (Lady m saw this when we were in target and loved the farm set) The reviews say that it's really messy. I thought it would be cool b/c I heard it didn't dry up like playdoh. Anyone have this? I think it's selling for $14.99

6. Sketchers Twinkle Toes Sneakers Toddler Size 8. I think these are adorable but pricey. They seem to range from 30-40 $. Are they worth it? Again these would be for Lady M.

7. Reebok zig slash Sneaker (for T)

8. Imaginarium 5-Way Giant Bead Maze Cube (for Baby G)

9. XBox Game (not sure which one yet but my brother is getting this system for Christmas from my stepmom)

10. Borders Gift Card (for my stepmom...should be easy enough)

11. Down Feather Bed Queen Size (for my Sister in Law)

Does anyone have any shopping tips to share? I would love to hear what you will be looking for this year :)


  1. Hi!! I am following from MBC!

    I have 3 kids and somehow when you blink they are all grown up. Take lots of pics..lol

  2. Thanks for following me! I am really enjoying the baby pictures you're posting...it does go by way too fast.
    Also, we bought a similar maze cube to the one on your Christmas list 6 years ago and it is still in great shape waiting to be played with by future grandchildren (I have 7 children ages 5 to 20)

  3. Hi there! Those are fun items you have on your list. I'm following you from MBC simply follow. Nice blog! Glad you're having fun blogging, it's such a fun community. Come visit me anytime at http://jinnialow.com

    Have a great day!

  4. Hi! Stoppping by from MBC. Cool blog!

    BTW- I'm hosting a $75 CSN Gift Code giveaway at my blog. Come join in the fun. Only 1 day more to deadline! -

  5. Following you back from www.frugalonthecheap.com. I would check www.albeebaby.com for a carseat. I just bought a Britax Frontier for $218, regularly $280!

  6. I'm hoping to post a Christmas wishlist soon. The bad thing is Tara wants every toy that she sees a commercial for on Nick Jr, so I'm trying to figure out what she really wants. I mostly want to get her educational toys. Her friend has the Skechers sneakers & T really wants a pair, but we didn't end up getting them for her because she won't wear them for long. The Moon dough looks really cool.

  7. Hi! I'm a new follower of your lovely blog.

    Have a nice day!

  8. Definitely go Fisher-Price on the dollhouse. My little missy got the talking/interactive Mrs. Goodbee house last year. It now stands open as she uses all the Fisher-Price furniture and dolls on the floor. The room/floor space in ours is non-existant!
    I wish I had done better research on that one! The room furniture/dolls is reasonably priced for the FP stuff.

    I just purchased the MoonDough at Target for 14.99. I'm hoping its not a giant mess-maker! Second on her list was " the Barn Playdoh" I had to do it. Christmas isn't magic without your one or two list toppers, right?

    I love the Sketchers too. So cute and sparkly, but a little steep for a cash-strapped Santa when they'll be outgrown in no time.

    I'm a lover of Graco too, but I recently fell in love with the knob tightening system Evenflo uses. My Graco seats got a bit difficult to tighten after a while from wear. Now I have one child that takes forever to buckle and one done in a snap. Check it out.

    For your bedding, check out Bed, Bath, and Beyond if you have one near you. They (mine anyway) accepts all their expired coupons in store, and you can use one per item if it's a "$ or % off one item" coupon. I have a stack of them by my door ready to go; I save every single one I see.

    List looks good. I wish I was that ready! I'm flying by the seat of my pants this year so far.
    Good luck!

  9. Thanks for the tips ladies :)
    Lady m has decided that she doesn't want the Barbie Pool set. Instead, it's a Tangled doll. I got it already along with a tinkerbell and snow white doll. She also loves My little ponies so She can expect to get a couple of those too. I still haven't decided on the doll house.

    Thanks Colleen for car seat tip. I will be looking into that and I just got a 20% off coupon from Bed bath and beyond :)

  10. We just saved $16 at BB&B with 4 coups! That place is great!

  11. My daughter got the doll house you have pictured last year from Santa and he got a great deal:)
    It was the house, three rooms, mom, dad, twins, sister and dog for around $69. I hope you can find some great deals!

    I am following you now from MBC:)