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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Lady M's many questions???

These days I get asked lots of questions. Lady M is 3 so she has all these ideas and thoughts and seems to be looking for constant validation about all her new revelations...the girl makes me laugh! Now that we have Baby G, I get lots of questions about Lady M's life as a baby. She usually says "Mommy when I was a baby I didn't cry like that... right?" or "Mommy when I was a baby I use to wear that hat too... right?" Well today she caught me by surprise. She said "Mommy where did I come from?" I was shocked. I really thought I had some time before these questions came about...so my response "Ahhh you came from Mommy's belly" Lady M's comeback " Hmmm Mommy it looks like you are starting to get another baby in that belly... yup I think so." Guess it's time to get that workout regiment going!!! Her she is...my little comedian.
What hard questions have you had to answer lately?

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