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Friday, November 19, 2010

5 Things I'm Thankful for this week...

1. Work was quieter...finally things are slowing down. I am a counselor in a middle school and the kids have been really challenging this month. They were all stressed about their grades and struggling to get along with each other but it seemed better this week.

2. My kids are healthy...I am almost afraid to type this. I don't want to jinx myself :) Lady M spent the first year of her life in a doctor's office...it was awful she was always sick but it has gotten better with her every year. I was worried Baby G would follow the same path as her sister but she has been happy and healthy. Thank goodness!

3. I got my holiday card coupon code from Shutterfly...50 free cards. I am so psyched! I love free things and I love the cards at Shutterfly.

4. Lady M is learning a lot at Preschool. She is starting to recognize more Letters and she is great at counting. More importantly she has wonderful little friends there.

5. Baby G is starting to sleep through the night again. We are all happy and thankful for that!

What went well for you this week?


  1. Sleep. I'm jealous.
    Thankful is a tough one this week. I'm thankful my kids and husband are healthy, and I'm thankful for cheese curls. I stressed out girl needs her cheese curls.

  2. haha! That's right Colleen...Cheese curls and a pint of ice cream. That would make me happy :)

  3. Great list! I'll have to check out shutterfly for my cards.

    Thanks you for voting for my blog! The support really means a lot. I'm following you now, too!

  4. No problem Marie. I appreciate you stopping in and following :)