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Friday, November 4, 2011

Lady M's Big Scare

Yet again my blog has been neglected. But in my defense, life has really thrown me some curve balls lately. I started back to work in the fall after having a great summer. I am working 4 days a week this year. I was nervous about the loss in salary for our family but luckily T's new job has ben wonderful and has off set my position being reduced to part time. I never once thought that working part time would be exactly what I needed but I have learned that sometimes our biggest challenges have a way of just working out as they should.

In late September, I began to realize just how fortunate my family really is. Our oldest daughter, Lady M, suddenly became very ill on a Friday evening. She started in with a cough that seemed to develop out of nowhere. She coughed all night long like I have never heard her cough before. She then developed a high fever and then showed signs of a urinary track infection. We made several trips to the doctor's office within a weeks time before we realized that she had bacteria pneumonia. The pneumonia then attacked her kidneys. To make a long story short my poor baby gained 5 lbs in less than a week and was spilling large amounts of blood and protein in her urine. She ended up at a children's hospital in VT. One we arrived there we began consulting with a specialist to try to determine if her kidney issues were all part of the pneumonia infection or a more serious disease. While we were there her blood pressure began to rise and she continued to retain fluid. She was put on several medications to control the blood pressure and treat the pneumonia. Luckily we were able to get things manageable and return home within a few days. We had to follow a strict diet and she has weekly doctor appointments to monitor her blood pressure and weight. It's been six weeks since the entire ordeal and Lady M continues to be monitored and her test results are improving. We feel fairly confident that all her kidney issues were related to the pneumonia. My husband and I were out of our minds with fear. I am so amazed how strong Lady M was through out the entire time. We are just so very thankful that we are able to be at home as a family and that we survived such a scary ordeal.

Here are some pictures of our sweet girl while she was sick.I still can't get over the weight she put on :( She always kept smiling!

This was taken the day we found out we were going home!


  1. Hi there. Just hopping by. What a horrible ordeal!! Glad to hear she is feeling better! There has been so many sick kids around our neck of the woods this year. Not fun.

  2. Tonya it was seriously one my scariest moments! Lady M sees the specialist tomorrow and we are hoping for good news.

    Thanks Kimberly!

  3. Absolutely frightening! I went through a medical scare with my daughter last year. She had become so ill all of a sudden and could not stop vomitting. This went on foor days until she went on medicine to help stop it. However she did not eat and was just so ill and weak. She did not feel better after weeks and ended up also having mono. It took at least a year fior her to get back to herself. It was so sad to see! It is so frightening for parents. I am happy your little one is on the road to recovery. Just remember that trauma to such a little body can take months to heal fully. That is something I learned from our experience. <y daughter also ended up with food allergies and is now off dairy and gluten and is on a probiotic. That is something you might want to talk with your doctor about because your daughter was on many medications. I wish you and your daughter all the best!

    Mama Hen