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Saturday, January 22, 2011

Back from my Hilton Head, SC trip!

Ok so I know it seems like I have abandoned my blog but I promise I haven't. Life has gotten crazy in 2011. I am just trying to balance work and my family. It is a constant balancing act and some weeks I am better at it than others.

On 1/16/11, I left for Hilton Head, SC to attend a Perceptual Control Theory Conference. I had went through the part 1 training in December and was excited to attend part 2. Is was a great conference and I met a lot of other professionals. It was a huge step for me as a working mom because it required to me to be away from my family overnight for 4 days...might as well say 5 because both the girls were sleeping Thursday night when I got in. My husband T was great. He took a few days off work so I didn't have to worry about him being distracted by his work while I was away. T's career is not family friendly. We are really hoping that we find another option within the next few months that gives him the opportunity to be with us more. It doesn't help that he really dislikes his career right now too. We are all ready for a change.

Leaving for the conference was hard. I hated saying by to my family even if it were for a few days. I need the time away though and T needed a break from his work and quality time with the girls. In the end we all got what we wanted. I connected with some other adults, gained some professional & personal knowledge. T who is a great father already, got even better at it. Baby G somehow became a Daddy's girl in just a few short days. Lady M took on the mommy role while I was away. T was so impressed with all of her help that he rewarded her by taking her to see Yogi Bear in 3D. They had a blast.

I was suppose to head back to work on Friday but took the day to enjoy my girls and ease into the weekend...I made the right choice. I am beginning to think that if I start to pay closer attention to me and stop obsessing about all the other things that I can't change that I might just be able to have it all... the career and the family.

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